What are your thoughts about the top issues in District One?

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27 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I think that the lack of representation at this time is really hurting the District. There is alot of bullying going on and the “us vs. them” attitudes between the age differences is a stark reminder of what can happen to a neighborhood.

    I would like to at least get a notice when I reach out to the Supervisor that my email has been received.

  2. Doug DesCombaz says:

    I’d describe myself as liberal but not progressive, and here are some problems I see as a long time resident (but one that has lived in different parts in the city, and other cities, and other states):
    – Trash
    – Human feces and needles
    – Churches that host events but don’t take care of their property or the trash their guests leave outside of their buildings
    – Transients prowling and begging
    – Progressive supervisors with asinine prioritizations
    – More trash being blown over from Clement
    – No parking permits on 7th Ave so it becomes a de-facto parking lot for commuters and shoppers
    – Busses packed like sardines (where at least a few people out of 60 are always sick on any given day) and the city fights against alternative mass/individual transportation vans, and scooters, and bikes…

  3. Thomas Stephen Henderson says:

    Dumping is a big problem for me. Richmond District citizens that dump and litter are the problem. How do we educate our neighbors to NOT dump?

    The roads are in terrible condition. Sup. Fewer has been completely ineffective on quality of life issues in the Richmond District. In addition, Fewer has not provided the support of SFPD Richmond station that they deserve. She has been anti-cop from the beginning. Confrontational and abusive.

  4. Meredith Serra says:

    Crime is definitely an issue that affects many in our district, but the biggest issue by far, one that will seriously affect everyone in the city, is the city budget. Even before the coronavirus crisis hit, the city was facing budget deficits and cuts to public schools and other services. With the huge increase in expenses brought on by coronavirus, and the equally huge drop in tax revenues, it is essential that we elect leaders who can show fiscal savvy and restraint. Budget priorities and reducing spending will need to be the key focus of our city leaders for the forseeable future, because the boom times are over.

  5. Rebecca Randall says:

    1. Homelessness/drug addiction on the street
    2. Increasing crime rate
    3. Public safety in general

  6. Frank Keane says:

    Homeless and camping, number 1 issue without a doubt. We’ve been here 17 years on 18th ave and are considering leaving because the city refuses to do anything about this problem. The neighborhood was improving the last 10 years, up until 2 years ago when more homeless started to show up. Now during covid, its 100x worse. Daily calls to 911 and 311 are not effective to move them out

  7. homeless encampments is number 1 issue. I feel for the few of the them who don’t want to leave on the street. But majority of them has other issues (drugs or mental illness). Many time I have seen them peeing on the street even though there are pit stops just next to where encampments are located. Increasing crime rate is also another issue.

  8. Nina Block says:

    The most important issue for me is preserving rent control. The next is regaining the normal quality of life in the Richmond District. Thank you.

  9. The expansion of the camps of permanent street people is my biggest neighborhood concern. It brings with it a serious degradation of the quality of life for other citizens, and is a bad outcome for many of those on the street. The financial waste, permissiveness and hypocrisy of the city on this issue is maddening, and we need a local representative who will enforce laws and property rights with common sense and balance, look out for the health and safety of everyone, and stop this problem before it gets worse.

    There are solutions for this: for the mentally ill or seriously drug addicted, compel them into residential treatment (this will be most of them); for those who are not, direct them to social services to get them inside; for those who don’t go into care or a government program, they must either follow the laws, which will generally prevent them from camping on city or private property, or they need to be arrested or forcibly removed from the city. We need to stop rationalizing other outcomes; it’s not good for the people on the street, and it’s not fair for the other residents of the city.

  10. Vagrancy & transients have led to a myriad of issues that compromise the welfare and safety of residents. The blatant lack of law & order coupled with non existent enforcement has turned into a rogue state. Need moderate leadership

  11. So far, from what I see of the candidates, I am UNIMPRESSED. Fewer Lite, Fewer II, Fewer Redux. Ad nauseam.

  12. Yasmine Scallan says:

    The district needs the CityHall to recognize the unique character of its residents and the special needs. We are surrounded by parks which are being threatened by unchecked use by people without shelter a lot of whom by choice. Give the property owners the credit they deserve by paying property taxes and providing residential and commercial accommodations. Yes, there may be terrible landlords, pick them out and deal with them accordingly. Don’t make property ownership almost a criminal position. What would the BOS do if the all property owners in the district decided to withhold property taxes until we get the services and consideration we deserve?

  13. The speed and scale by which the city has gone into decline is staggering. We have gone from neighborhood watch to around the clock monitoring. Crime is rampant. Theft and burglaries. Street people, drug dealers and addicts, encampments, trash & dumping, transients living out of their vehicles, illegal parking. Virtually zero enforcement from the agencies. No regard or respect for the citizens, homeowners, taxpayers. The district representation by Fewer has been detrimental to the welfare of its residents. Need to establish effective policies to serve and protect.

  14. Our biggest problem is our representation, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Breed. What a bunch of losers. Tou can add Fewer to that list. God save us from socialists and crooks

  15. Sandi Roorda says:

    My main concerns are the homeless encampments in our neighborhood and all the negatives that go with them. We need enforced conservatorship laws (which are presently languishing in legal limbo.) I would like to encourage petitions to overturn Prop 47. This is one of the leading reasons, if not the leading reason, for theft and vandalism. This proposition not only harms the citizens of this city and state but also the businesses. HELP!!!!!!

  16. Would it be possible to ask candidates following yes/no question: would you always push for encampments in residential areas to be removed? Please make sure this is a yes/no question. Last time it was not clear where each of the candidates stand.

  17. Jean B Barish says:

    HI, I watched your candidate’s forum last night. Great job. Thanks so much for giving me a chance to get to know the candidates. I have a question: I thought I heard Marie say that future forums might not include all the candidates. Does that mean you’ll be narrowing the field depending on which candidates you support? Or did I misunderstand?

  18. Sheila Stuart says:

    Road changes. How to handle E and W. Movement with Lake a slow street, California reduced to one lane at bus speed, Geary to be torn up… car backups with pollution issues will not help anyone. Probably a low level local problem… but still an issue

  19. Wayne W Luthi says:

    Living 2500 miles away for over 44 years and only with occasional ‘home’ I am not aware of the current issues that the Richmond district should be saved from. I am aware of SF’s issues of homelessness and the average person being priced out. My observation on visits is that the district has lost some of its pristine cleanliness and that there seems to be less concern of one’s surroundings and living environment. Somewhat like the disease of depression one’s ‘disfunction’ only takes one down further. Perhaps just some volunteering to help clean and refresh the area could be a start an an example to some of a different possibility.

  20. Cheryl Wallace says:

    Housing for every income level including the unsheltered and those without the ability to pay. Emergency and permanent housing for the vulnerable elderly living on our streets. Humane, evidenced based treatment for those suffering from mental illness and addiction outside the criminal justice system and without regard to identity or ability to pay.

  21. John A. Buehrens says:

    There is a desperate need for a practical plan to develop more affordable housing in the District, especially with so many businesses closing and properties along major arteries like Geary clearly underdeveloped.

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  23. Peter Schwalbenberg says:

    Garage breakins. It happened to a Friend of mine who lives in the Richmond and I want to get him to fix those that were mentioned in the Chronicle article. Can anyone point me to The item Mark used or the deadbolt device?

  24. If anyone is interested in signing the Recall petitions (YES, only paper-signed petitions count towards making it to the ballot) for the Board Of Education Commissioners (Collin’s, Lopez and/or Moliga) and/or Chesa Boudin, please come by the signing table on Lake Street (bet 20th & 21st avenues)
    Friday 5/14 5pm – 6pm
    Saturday 5/15 3pm – 6pm
    Sunday 5/16 3pm – 6pm
    (Early closure/cancellation will default to weather conditions)

  25. After the ballyhooed Masonic Street project was finished, the city gouged the street in front of SF Day School and down by Lucky’s. 311 complaints have been closed. No action has been taken to repair the shoddy work? This happened over a year ago. Why are DPW and their contractors allowed to get away with this incompetence?

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