Are you concerned about what is
happening in District 1?


          • Do you feel crime is getting worse? 
          • Are you fed up with how homelessness is being addressed? 
          • Do you feel public health is an issue? 
          • Are you worried about all the businesses that are closing? 

Soar Recommendations for District 1 Supervisor



Watch the August 18 Forum on Ranked Choice Voting


Watch the July 9 Forum on Public Safety


Watch the June 24 Forum on Economic Development


 Watch our june 11 forum on Homelessness  


 Watch our May 19 forum

Do you want to see change?

SOAR-D1 is a growing group of concerned residents who want real solutions to the issues facing our district and our city.  
Our emphasis is on problem-solving.

          • Do you want to have a say in who our next Supervisor will be? 
          • Do you want to have a way to effectively interact with our new Supervisor once he/she is elected? 


What’s Next?

          • Join fellow D1 neighbors in identifying the candidate who will commit to addressing our specific concerns and will work with us to address our neighborhood challenges through ACTION.
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What Issues Do You See
In our neighborhood?

District One Poll



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