August 18 Webinar: Ranked Choice Voting
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July 9 Webinar: Candidate Forum on Public Safety
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June 24 Webinar: Candidate Forum on Economic Development and Accountability
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June 11 Webinar: Candidate Forum on Homelessness
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May 19 Webinar: Candidate Forum
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September 14, 2020
City Journal
San Francisco’s Deathly Compassion

September 1, 2020
19,000+ city employees make over $150,000/yr

July 2, 2020
Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon
A New Group Soars into the Richmond Arena

June 1, 2020
The New Yorker
A Window Onto An American Nightmare

May 18, 2020
Richmond Review (SF) 
Letter to the editor

March 19, 2019
KOMO News (ABC) (Seattle, WA) 
Seattle is Dying (YouTube Video)

January 29, 2019
Our top-five rank in pension taxpayer debt